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ekissaan offers delivery of wholesome super foods grown by our farmer cooperative organizations from the mountains of Gilgit Baltistan to the shores of Arabian Sea.Support rural communities by buying directly from our Farmer Cooperative Organizations.

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About Farmers Business Cooperative Organizations

The Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF) has set out a new initiative where various small farmers come together and pool their resources to leverage access to knowledge and technologies and economies of scale for purchasing and marketing. This collective agribusiness of small farmers that helps increase production quality and volume is known as the Farmers Business-Cooperative Organization, also known as the Farmers Organization (FO). In partnership with the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), ASF has helped establish multiple FOs for promoting collective agribusiness across the country

In a single FOs, 250 small farmers, on average, unite and register their business cooperative organization to produce homogeneous standardized products for high-end markets. These products are grown under the supervision of industry experts who ensure all quality and food standards are maintained. The cooperative’s farmers are also professionally trained to ensure they produce only high-quality fruits, vegetables, and value-added products for environmental and agricultural sustainability. Through collective agribusiness, the FOs are supplying quality products to wholesale markets and individual consumers on daily basis at reasonable prices from all corners of Pakistan.

By buying directly from an FO through e-kissaan, you are contributing to the journey of development and sustainability for rural agrarian communities spread across Pakistan, from the mountains of the Himalayas to the coast of the Arabian Sea.

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We offer locally produced fresh and value added products from every corner of Pakistan to help you get nutritious choices on your plate.

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Are you a local farming organization? Join the EKISSAAN community by registering.

Food Security & Sustainability

We farm organic fruits and vegetables through sustainable methods

Income & Opportunity

The process is then brought to the shared marketplace of the FO in your community

Participation & Economic Inclusion

Once you add the product of your choice into the cart, we deliver them to your doorstep

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Explore Locally Grown Fresh & Value Added Products.

EKISSAAN offers produce delivery all over Pakistan. We are a national farming community with a network of Farmer cooperative organizations growing wholesome, Sustainable, nutritious products for you. Live a super life by:

  • Making healthy diet choices every day by bringing the freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables to your plate
  • Sustain local jobs and businesses
  • Help small-scale farmers in your community thrive
  • Help preserve the sustainable stewardship of our rural landscapes

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We offer super food grown all across Pakistan from the snow-capped peaks of Gilgit Baltistan to the coast of Gawadar.




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